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Ottawa Oil Tanks Specialist Retain WSI for SEO Strategy

Ottawa On, Oil Tanks specialist Mannion Petroleum has retained the services of WSI eStrategies for Local SEO exposure in the search engines. Mannion Petroleum offers complete property oil storage solutions and GENSET services, tune-up and installation services for property owners with oil furnaces as well as the removal and disposal oil tanks. The company’s maintenance service includes a step-by-step process to ensure that each component within the system is running to peak performance.


Mannion Petroleum offers a range of options and convenient scheduling for such projects as:

Our Local SEO Process

 Before implementing any on page SEO, WSI eStrategies in Ottawa converted Mannion Petroleum’s outdated website to a WordPress CMS with Responsive Web Design. Once completed, WSI optimized 5 web pages focused on the client’s main niche services as listed above.

As the company’s main clients come from rural outskirts surrounding the cities borders where conventional natural gas heating is not provided, WSI focused on a local SEO strategy between the companies two main EAST and WEST location as well as a small content marketing strategy to increase and stabilize organic rank.

WSI also created off site blog accounts in Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly and Blogger were our copywriter’s will be producing and syndicating relevant material.

WSI is also working with Mannion Petroleum to increase the number of positive reviews to the clients Google my Business page. This not only helps establish the company as a credible provider of its products and services by increasing conversion but is also a major ranking factor in the local SEO process.

WSI will continue to meet face to face with Mannion Petroleum on a monthly basis to review our ongoing progress and strategies and offer continued strategic advise to help bolster our local rank as the campaign moves forward.

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Local MediSpa Works with WSI to Build Their Brand in Ottawa

DermaLuxe is laser hair removal MediSpa located in Ottawa. Although they are in a competitive market, they are setting themselves apart by offering the latest in diode laser technology which gives longer lasting results to their clients. This technology reduces facial and body hair growth by 75% to 95% in both men and woman.

dermaluxe logo

They offer a full range permanent of hair removal services for women & laser hair removal services for Men with treatment packages at affordable price points so that their clients can commit to the recommended 6 to 8 treatments in order to obtain the results they are looking for.

Our Website Vision

Although DermaLuxe had a basic website with some pertinent information, it was lacking colour, imagery and visual appeal. We developed a brand new site with soft appealing colours and a layout and page structure that was easy to navigate through. We included high quality ‘real’ images of the spa in a rotating home page slider with strong calls to action as well as multiple client testimonials in the footer section and a booking form for a Free Consultation.

As this is a new business, we built the website with room for growth over time. New services pages will be easy to add by the client. The photo gallery was built for easy updating and expansion as needed. The testimonials section was also created in a way that would be easy for the client to add to with the growth of her client base.

Our Local SEO Strategy

After extensive keyword research and a competitive analysis was completed, we worked with our client to choose the top 5 keywords to optimize for. WSI eStrategies in Ottawa then created a keyword map and determined that two new pages needed to be created for optimal SEO efforts. We implemented the on-page optimization and created a blog section for our client to start sharing relevant and informative content on.

In order to further support our SEO efforts, WSI created offsite blogging accounts with TumblrWordPRessWeebly and Blogger where we will be adding new blogs on a monthly basis with the goal of driving quality traffic back to our clients website.

We love working with new up and coming businesses here in Ottawa and look forward to showing this première MediSpa in Ottawa positive ranking results over time using our SEO best practices.

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OBP Retains WSI to Build New Website & Implement Local SEO Strategy

Ottawa Building Permits is a new company headquartered in Ottawa, ON. Their mission is to simplify the building permit application process that is required by law for most construction projects. They offer their services to homeowners planning a renovation and contractors who require building permits for their jobs.

Ottawa logo

As part of their full service solution, they will conduct a complete site measure of the property, create a full set of drawings, complete and submit the application documents to the City of Ottawa and deliver the approved building permit back to their client. Their service area includes Ottawa West (Kanata, Nepean), Central Ottawa (By-ward Market, Centre Town, the Glebe, Sandy Hill, Lower Town, New Edinburgh) and Ottawa East (Gloucester, Orleans, Cumberland).

New Responsive Website

As this was a new start-up company, our client had no previous on-line presence. WSI eStrategies Ottawa first step was to create a responsive website with the goal of providing information in a straightforward way. The end result was a clean looking site with easy to find relevant information and strong calls to action. We created separate pages for their 2 main target groups, building permits for homeowners and building permits for contractors. We created a City of Ottawa resource page outlining essential information pertinent to Ottawa. As the company grows, we can then add more city pages, which will also benefit future SEO efforts.

Our Local SEO Solution

Our local Search Engine Optimization solution began with extensive keyword research and competitive analysis to determine the most relevant keywords to focus on. We then implemented the on-page optimization for the top 5 keywords. We created and verified a new G+ business page and educated the client on the importance of always asking for reviews from each their clients as a business ‘best practice’.

New and informative blog posts are being added to the clients website as a way of providing relevant information to homeowners and contractors interested in the building permit process and how it relates to and affects them when beginning any type of renovation or building project. This also supports our SEO efforts by ensuring ‘fresh’ content is being added to the site on a regular basis.

To take this a step further, WSI also created offsite blogging accounts with Tumblr, WordPRessWeebly and Blogger as a way of syndicating and sharing these informative blogs with links back to our clients website.

We look forward to building a strong business partnership with Ottawa Building Permits and overtime see first hand how good SEO implementation will increase their rankings in the search engines and build their brand awareness here in Ottawa.

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Allstate Steel Retains WSI to Expand Its Digital Marketing

Allstate Steel is a steel fabricator located in Jacksonville, Florida. The company has been privately held for over 50 years. Allstate Steel specializes in structural steel fabrication, design, build, and erection. Allstate Steel provides steel fabrication services throughout the entire United States as well as Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Allstate Steel 3     Allstate Steel 1    Allstate Steel 2

WSI has implemented a Search Engine Optimization strategy for Allstate Steel. The discovery process was initiated by WSI‘s developing a Competitive Analysis report as the basis for a comprehensive marketing plan spanning SEO, social media, and email marketing strategy. Initially, we identified 10 critical keywords for their business and implemented relevant landing pages. We focused on their primary deliverables in the steel fabrication industry.

Allstate Steel is an AICS certified Steel Truss Manufacturer and Steel Plate Fabricator. They have completed hundreds of Structural Steel Constructions over the years, mainly retail constructionhealthcare constructionwarehouse construction, and education construction projects.

After several months of working with Allstate Steel, WSI created another Competitive Analysis report proving that our digital marketing strategy implementation is improving the Internet positioning for the customer.

About WSI

 WSI is one of the world’s largest digital marketing agencies and a leader in Internet marketing, local SEO, national SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Marketing. With over 1,100 offices in 82 countries around the globe, WSI has helped thousands of companies develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Contact WSI today to discuss your goals, or to do an analysis of your current marketing activities.

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WSI Adds Two More Locations to MorningStar SEO Efforts

WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched SEO efforts for two more locations of MorningStar Senior Living, a network of over 20 senior living communities located in the Western US.

Assisted Living

The first implementation for the Phoenix location continues in the off page optimization phase and all signs remain positive.  The efforts have resulted in 14 new 1st page rankings, and over 275 lead forms and calls from organic visitors

The 2nd location, MorningStar Senior Living of Sparks, after only two months has seen a tremendous increase in first page rankings and an uptick in visits and leads as well.

After the success of the first two initial locations, MorningStar has expanded the program to include two additional locations:  MorningStar at Arrowhead, which is located in Glendale Arizona, and MorningStar at Bear Creek which is located in Colorado Springs. These locations will use the same success formula as the others, including both on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

For the on-page optimization, we have focused on 5 pages for each community on the main MorningStar site.  Since each community offers a different mix of services, the keywords mapped to the pages differ across communities.  You can see the pages optimized for these two communities here:

Memory Care Colorado Springs
Assisted Living Memory Care
Dementia Care Colorado Springs
Alzheimer Care
Assisted Living Dementia Care
Assisted Living Phoenix AZ
Assisted Living Sun City AZ
Assisted Living Glendale AZ
Senior Living Glendale AZ
Memory Care Sun City AZ

The off page optimization is now beginning for both of these communities.  In addition to registering the communities in various business directories, we will be expanding their presence on line through customer reviews, as well as a concerted blogging effort. These high quality blogs will be syndicated to TumblrWordPress, Weebly and Blogger and in concert should propel both of these new communities up in the rankings, just as it has for the first two.

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