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RL Miller LLC Chooses WSI to Expand Its Digital Footprint

Hydraulic supply and services company RL Miller LLC has been providing hydraulic components and performance-boosting, custom hydraulic system solutions to some of the biggest industries in the biz for over 50 years, but the hydraulic supply company’s online presence was losing pressure, fast. To give its digital marketing a push, it turned to the experts at WSI.


Beginning in 1959 in a small home office with the help of his wife, the adventure began when fluid power engineering genius Robert (Bob) Miller set out on his own. Rising to become industry leaders, the company now boasts not a small home office, but an entire hydraulic system design business, complete with fully-stocked warehouse and retail store, providing a trusted source for quality parts such as hydraulic hoseshydraulic fittings and hydraulic filters, and unparalleled hydraulic system design experience and service.

From hand tools and heavy lifting systems to amusement park rides, mining machines, oil and gas, and even microbrewery equipment, RL Miller LLC has designed, repaired, and problem-solved it all to create safely operating, long-lived, high-performance systems with a unique approach that minimizes downtime and has customers coming back for more.

To get the online marketing performance back on track as quickly as they do their customers, RL Miller LLC turned to WSI, engaging them in an SEO campaign custom-designed to boost online visibility with 10 essential keywords linked to search success. The RL Miller LLC website also received a much-needed facelift, complete with a responsive design to ensure ease-of-use and compatibility with today’s much-used mobile devices.

To further boost page rankings and site traffic, as well as to continue to engage existing clientele, the regular addition of informative blog posts to both the client’s site and offsite blogging accounts including WordPressTumblrBlogger, and Weebly offers further means of syndication and sharing.

About WSI

WSI is one of the world’s largest digital marketing agencies and a leader in Internet marketing, local SEO, national SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Marketing. With over 1,100 offices in 82 countries around the globe, WSI has helped thousands of companies develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Contact WSI today to discuss your goals, or to do an analysis of your current marketing activities.

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WSI Further Expands Relationship with Senior Living Chain

WSI Further Expands Relationship with Senior Living Chain

Senior Living Chain

WSI Digital Marketing has recently launched SEO efforts for a 5th location of MorningStar Senior Living, a network of over 20 senior living communities located in the Western US.

The implementation for MorningStar’s Phoenix location has now been completed and resulted in 15 new 1st page rankings, and over 350 lead forms and calls from organic visitors.

The 2nd location, MorningStar Senior Living of Sparks, continues in the off page optimization phase and after only three months has seen a tremendous increase in first page rankings and an uptick in visits and leads as well. Further expansion to two additional locations in April and May including MorningStar at Arrowhead and MorningStar at Bear Creek are also beginning to showing progress.

Happy with the success so far, MorningStar has again expanded the program to include another Phoenix area location: MorningStar Assisted Living & Memory Care of Fountain Hills, their newest community in the Valley of the Sun scheduled to open in the fall of 2016.

For the on-page optimization, we focused on 5 pages on the main MorningStar site.  Since each community offers a different mix of services and focused geographic areas, the keywords mapped to the pages differ across communities.  You can see the pages optimized for the Fountain Hills community here.

Assisted Living Scottsdale

Senior Living Scottsdale

Assisted Living Fountain Hills AZ

Senior Living Communities Scottsdale

Memory Care Scottsdale

With the SEO optimized pages now up on the site the off page optimization is beginning.  Initial off page strategy includes citation building for the community as well as an intensive blogging effort. These high quality blogs will be syndicated to WordPress, Weebly, Blogger and Tumblr.  Each month of the SEO implementation will be monitored and carefully tracked along with the other communities.  Key metrics that will be measured include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors.


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Toronto’s Top Construction Recruitment firm engages WSI

Whether you are in need of exceptional talent on your team or are looking for an opportunity to advance your career with some of Canada’s best construction companies, HNi has the expertise and industry network across Canada to help construction management professionals succeed.

Harbinger Network Inc

Harbinger Network is one of Canada’s most reputable recruitment agencies with its sole focus on the construction sector. In late 2015, Harbinger contact WSI eStrategies in Ottawa to assess and audit its current digital marketing campaigns. After a complete analysis of the client current website, analytics and digital marketing strategies, it was apparently clear that over the last 12 months, harbinger’s current activities had not shown any significant increases in web-traffic and keyword rank hit a ceiling being just shy of the first page.

Harbinger Network handed over full rains to WSI in Jan 2016 and we began by recommending a full website rebuild as the client current site was constructed on an out-dated CMS as well as on page optimization for his most prominent categories. Although the website was not built by WSI as per our recommendation, but rather a firm who specialized in web development for the recruitment industry, we work in tandem with them as key advisers to ensure all best practice elements were incorporated to the site. The new website was constructed in a custom WordPress CMS while paying special attention to the key persona’s the client wants to attract most importantly being senior level executives in the construction sector. A construction job board API was also constructed were potential job seekers could view current opportunities in the Canadian construction industry while ensuring privacy and anonymity is protected at all times during the initial process.

Professionally written content was added to the website as well as the necessary on page optimization tactics to ensure overall SEO success. As our current SEO focus is targeted to the city of Toronto, we will continue building out high-value local citations and directories listings for the client as well as engaging content which will syndicated to the client website and LinkedIn as well as off site blogging channels such as WordPress, Weebly, Blogger and Tumblr.

WSI looks forward to our continued success with Harbinger Networks Inc. as we strive to build a strong business partnership by showing continued and improved SEO results that will increase the companies’ online brand visibility while driving quality traffic back to the site.

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Madison Lighting Company Retains WSI for Digital Marketing Services

Madison Lighting is a residential lighting company with a showroom located in Madison, WI as well as an eCommerce site. The company has over 30 years of experience serving homeowners and home builders in the Greater Madison WI area, including the counties of Dane, Rock, Green, Iowa, Sauk, Green Lake, Jefferson, and Columbia.


Madison Lighting has been a WSI client since 2013, starting with a local SEO package, then expanding to paid search marketing, and now embarking on a National SEO digital marketing program to expand their online lighting sales.

As part of the digital marketing plan, we are optimizing several pages of the website for the relevant and highly searched keywords. These keyword phrases align with several of the company’s primary product lines, including:

  1. Bathroom lighting ideas
  2. Kitchen lighting ideas
  3. Unique pendant lights
  4. Drum shade chandeliers
  5. Flush mount lighting

WSI is also providing Content Management services to the firm consisting of high quality, relevant blog posts which will be posted on blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

As part of the ongoing monitoring and reporting process, WSI will analyze the progress being made with the key performance indicators (KPIs).  These KPIs include inbound links to the SEO pages, SERP rankings for the keywords, organic visitors to these pages, and conversions (contact forms, emails, and online purchases).  WSI will provide a monthly status report of the progress to Madison Lighting management.

About WSI – Madison WI

WSI – Madison WI is a digital marketing agency with over 9 years of experience that provides proven solutions to businesses to help them with online lead generation through the use of such strategies as SEO, Pay-Per-Click marketing, content marketing, and website design and development.

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Trademark Nitrogen Retains WSI to Expand Its Digital Marketing

Trademark Nitrogen is a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural and industrial products. The company produces a variety of nitrogen based products for distribution through their network of agricultural retailers, distributors and industrial manufacturers. TradeMark Nitrogen is conveniently located in Tampa, Florida, and is able to service a wide array of industries throughout the United States.

Trademark Nitrogen

WSI has implemented a Search Engine Optimization strategy for Trademark Nitrogen. The discovery process was initiated by WSI developing a Competitive Analysis report as the basis for a comprehensive marketing plan spanning SEO, social media, and email marketing strategy. In addition, WSI is starting to work with TradeMark Nitrogen on initial discoveries to develop a sales system automation process.

WSI has designed SEO pages to promote the following agricultural products:

copper nitrate, calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate, manganese nitrate, urea ammonium nitrate, zinc nitrate, ferric nitrate, and urea solution. In addition, the website promotes various industrial products, including: nitric acid, prilled urea and ammonium nitrate solution.

About WSI

WSI is one of the world’s largest digital marketing agencies and a leader in Internet marketing, local SEO, national SEO, Paid Search and Social Media Marketing. With over 1,100 offices in 82 countries around the globe, WSI has helped thousands of companies develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Contact WSI today to discuss your goals, or to do an analysis of your current marketing activities.

About TradeMark Nitrogen

TradeMark Nitrogen is a wholesale manufacturer, seller and distributor of bulk products for industrial and agricultural customers throughout the United States. With over 30 years of experience in the agricultural and industrial chemical markets, our highly trained staff has earned a reputation for reliability and performance. TradeMark Nitrogen is positioned to meet the demands that are required in a changing and expanding environment. TradeMark Nitrogen operates on a customer focused philosophy, open for business 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year to facilitate customer schedules and needs. For more information, visit TradeMark Nitrogen on the web at

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