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Longstreth Sporting Goods retains WSI for its Second Year


Longstreth Sporting Goods is a retail store catering to the sporting equipment needs of girls and women playing Softball, Lacrosse and Field Hockey. Over the 30 years it has been in business, Longstreth has made a reputation in great selection of sporting equipment as well as unbeatable customer service.

Longstreth engaged WSI in late 2016 to help increase their online sales. We implemented an SEO campaign to improve the Google organic rankings for their selected sporting equipment related keywords and to bring in qualified traffic to the website. We also implemented some changes to the website to make it more conversion friendly.

Through our efforts we have been able to improve their year over year e-commerce revenues by 16% and their e-commerce conversion rate by 22%.

Besides continuing to optimize the company website for increasing conversions, we were also able to implement a highly successful review generation campaign for Longstreth. Given their stellar customer service and equipment selection, generating a large volume of 5 star reviews on a daily basis was easy! To date, the company has gathered 226 great reviews on Customer Lobby and 42 reviews on Google.

As we enter into our second year of SEO for the company, the focus will be to bring the remaining keywords to the first page of Google and to keep increasing the organic traffic and conversions. For this purpose, we will focus our efforts on the following pages –

We are also taking steps to make their site more secure and to make checkout process easier for customers and to increase overall online credibility of the business. Besides increasing the website traffic, we have also increased the foot traffic to the store by giving it more visibility in the local area for people looking for a Sporting Goods Store.

We look forward to continuing to help Longstreth grow the online market share of their business and to a great long-term relationship between our companies.

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WSI Demonstrates Success with Inbound Marketing and Sales Program for Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer

Michana Global Mold

Founded in 1964, they build custom plastic injection molds for the plastic and rubber industries in the automotive, electronics, and consumer parts verticals. They specialize in custom, complex, and intricate molds such as automotive fuel components; electrical housing; and decorative consumer parts.  Since they can do off-shore mold making, their customers can save up to 40% on the cost of the mold versus domestically built molds without sacrificing quality.

Michiana Global Mold 2

Our digital marketing program has been running for the past 6 months and includes inbound marketing and sales tactics including SEO; consistent blogging optimized for valuable keywords; campaign development and launch with landing pages and CTAs; premium content development; marketing and sales automation; CRM implementation; and paid advertising.

Some of the concepts we optimized the site and the blogs for include:

Automotive Mold Maker

Injection Mold Makers

Plastic Injection Mold Makers

Custom Plastic Molds

After six months here is our progress report:

  • Citations up from 27 to 145
  • Links up from 181 to 631
  • Main keywords are ranking for 12 out of 13 with 2 on page one; 4 on page two; and 7 on page three – they were not ranking for any keywords when we started
  • Organic traffic up 122% compared to previous period before starting program
  • Receiving great leads from form submissions and phone calls with several progressing to the purchase order stage
  • Impressions have gone from 865 when we started to 18,112 in past month

We are now significantly ramping up our inbound strategy to increase content marketing with substantial blog posts (2,500 words) and premium content creation such as e-books, infographics, white-papers, etc. and to implement more sophisticated and personalized marketing and sales automation workflow.  We will continue our SEO strategy including link building with powerful off-site blogs including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogspot, Weebly, Storify, and Google +

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Founded in 2005 by Dr. Emilio Novales Aguirre, physician and surgeon at Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. Performed postgrade studies at Marien Hospital, Stuttgart Germany and then specialized in Reproductive Medicine.

Centro Procrea is created as an integral health center for women, where they serve everything related to reproductive health of women, being the center of assisted reproduction technology more experienced among Gynecologists of Guatemala (Ginecólogos de Guatemala.)

Centro Procrea specialty is Assisted Reproduction Technology. To diagnostics has many tests, such as Ecography (Ecografia), 4D Ultrasound Scan (Ultrasonido 4D), to provide the most detailed information for the patient.

It also has treatments providing solutions about infertility (infertilidad) or sterility.  Among them are: In Vitro Fertilization Fertilización In Vitro  or Artificial Insemination Inseminación Artificial. Both methods are carefully explained and analyzed, to choose the most suitable for the couple who want to fulfill the dream of having a family.

Experience and human capacity, together with advanced technology, is in Procrea Center, with over 10 years of providing care to the reproductive health of women, but also being a reliable place for Assisted Reproduction Treatment in Guatemala center.

Centro Procrea, has become a few months ago a client of WSI, to build digital reputation, optimize website, search engine optimization and lead generation; with a comprehensive strategy to lead them to success.

Mr. Music & Mr. Films invests in positioning it’s digital presence with WSI


Mr. Music is a company specialized into music production, planning and conducting events, over 30 years experienced, Mr. Music is ahead in technology and services. It´s wide experience, allowed Mr. Music to realize a lot of music productions and events (servicios para eventos), like weddings, sweet 16 and corporate parties.

Mr. Music has a unique Recording Studio in Central America, has over 300 square meters, with the most advance technology and sound treatment.

The Audio Studio (estudio de audio) and Recording Studio (estudio de grabación) . Is the best designed in Central America, was built under the most demanding standards in the industry.

Anyone looking for music, audio, or video production should consider Mr. Music & Mr. Films as the best choice you can made.

For special clients looking for special projects or sensational photography’s from they’re events, Mr. Music also makes Drone Films (Filmaciones con Drones), with the most advanced technology.

Knowing the importance of digital media strategy, recently Mr. Music, contract WSI to re designing they’re website and improve into search engine optimization, as first step of a holistic digital strategy.

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Montessori Schools of Flagstaff enlists WSI to Increase Enrollment

Montessori Schools of Flagstaff has contracted WSI for an extensive digital marketing campaign to increase enrollment.  The goal of the marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness for the Montessori School of Flagstaff through search engine optimization (SEO) to rank for related keyword searches in Google.

The core goal of the SEO campaign is to drive traffic to the dedicated SEO pages for each of the four schools:

Similar to the other marketing programs that WSI manages on behalf of the Montessori West Group, these four schools will be the subject of an extensive content marketing campaign with an editorial calendar mapped out six months in advance.

The blog content will be shared on sites including EdublogsWordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. The campaign will also include Google My Business verification and optimization plus local directory listings on sites like Yahoo, Yelp, Foursquare and Bing.

Montessori West has a strong lineup of authentic Montessori schools and WSI Connect is committed to increasing brand awareness to local prospective families.

About Montessori Schools of Flagstaff:

Montessori Schools of Flagstaff is a group of four schools in Flagstaff, Arizona and belongs to the Montessori West Group. The Montessori Schools of Flagstaff follow the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician who developed a unique perspective in child education that promotes the love of learning and fosters creativity along with academic excellence.

The schools offer daycare, preschool, elementary school and middle school programs.

About WSI:

WSI is a global leader in digital marketing encompassing over 1,000 agencies across 90 countries.  WSI specializes in website design, search engine optimization, social media and email marketing.

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