Webinar Watch: Experts Guide to Flushing Your Website Budget Down the Toilet

Your company’s website, along with the content that’s housed there, are the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. Why? Because that’s where all the magic happens. The conversion magic, to be a little more specific. The goal of your any marketing is to convince people to take a specific, predetermined action that you’ve laid out for them, right? And in most cases, that action needs to take place on your website. You could have great social, mobile, SEO and PPC campaigns that are sending tons of visitors to your pages, but if your website functions poorly and doesn’t have a conversion strategy, all that traffic is wasted.


When you have a bad website, you’re not only wasting the value of your supporting strategies, you’re also wasting money. Straight up flushing cash down the toilet.


Unfortunately, far too many companies are guilty of carelessly flushing their website budget down the toilet. Worried that you may not have a good enough website and want to avoid making the same mistakes twice? Then register for our FREE digital marketing webinar called “Experts Guide to Flushing Your Website Budget Down the Toilet” on Thursday, January 30 at 11am EST.


In this 60-minute webinar, Chuck Bankoff, one of our more whimsical WSI Digital Marketing Experts, will wax sarcastic on some of the most common mistakes we are seeing businesses make on their website design and management. So if you’re currently in the process of a new website build or redesign, then what’s 60-minutes of your time to ensure you’re doing it correctly? Right! That’s what we think too. 


Here’s what the “Experts Guide to Flushing Your Website Budget Down the Toilet” webinar will cover:

  • 15 mistakes businesses make when developing their websites

  • 15 Pro Tips on how to avoid flushing your website down the toiler

  • A whole lot of sarcasm and wit

Here are the details:

DATE: Thursday, January 30, 2014

TIME: 11:00AM – 12:00PM (EST)



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